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Aircraft CAMO

You’ve an own aircraft.
You’ve searched for an optimal solution monitoring your aircraft.
It should be reliable, professional, trustworthy and with experience.
Heron Aviation will assist you successfully in this business.

Heron Aviation has not only CAMO to support his own AOC (CAMO DE.MG.296-AOC), we are allowed to support other EASA aircraft.

Heron Aviation has qualified CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation) employees to assist you in the following points:

  • Monitoring of the aircraft according to the guidelines of EASA Part M
  • Monitoring of the aircraft according to the guidelines of the CAA Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Island
  • National training standards and their supervision
  • Storage and care of the aircraft documents
  • conducting audits on aircraft
  • Conduct supplier audits
  • Creation of a maintenance program
  • Creation of a logbook
  • Care of the maintenance monitoring program (CAMP)
  • Maintenance Monitoring
  • Invoice auditing
  • Support for “unplannable” interference
  • Support for purchase of spare parts to keep costs down

We support successfully aircraft on Cayman Islands and Isle of Man.

Currently approved aircraft:

  • Falcon 900 EX
  • Cessna Citation XLS+
  • Cessna Citation 525A
  • Cessna Citation 525
  • Cessna Citation 510
  • Cessna Citation Mustang 510
  • LearJet 35

We are available 24h / 7 for further information and offers under moc.n1634606929oitai1634606929vanor1634606929eh@of1634606929ni1634606929