Vancouver Island – Paradise of Canada

Vancouver Island, formerly also known as Quadra, is located in the southwest of the Canadian province of British Columbia. It owes its name to the British navigator George Vancouver. Although the south of the island lies south of the 49th degree of latitude, which defines the border between the United States and Canada in western […]

Isle of Man – an island having its own laws

Stubborn, small and a little bizarre: everything is a little different on the Isle of Man, located between Great Britain and Ireland. King Charles III is head of state – but this island does not belong to the United Kingdom. Being formed over millions of years by mud and sand that came from the depths […]

Barcelona, the jewel of Modernism in the heart of the Mediterranean

Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain, is known as the most cosmopolitan capital of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia and is located directly on the Mediterranean coast. Barcelona is best known for its works of art and architecture. But that’s not all: a great football team, great beaches, delicious tapas are also part of […]

The Azores – a green paradise within the Atlantic Ocean

The nature of the Azores – deep volcanic craters, high mountains, jungle-like nature and breath-taking views as far as one can see. This group of islands located in the extreme southwest of Europe (well over 1370 km west of the mainland in the Atlantic Ocean) belong administratively to Portugal and therefore Portuguese is also spoken […]

Heron Aviation expands its charter fleet with a Cessna Citation JET M2

Heron Aviation is proud to announce the growth of its fleet with the addition of a Cessna Citation Jet M2 C525. This aircraft with the registration D-IPAA will fly under EASA OPS as well as under the Heron Aviation AOC. The aircraft thus strengthens the growing charter fleet and is now the fifth aircraft from […]

Sydney, Australia – the dynamic metropolis in the Pacific Ocean

With its high-rising skyscrapers and several landmarks, Sydney offers all the energy of a big city with over 4 million inhabitants – but despite everything with a certain flair. Surf spots and hiking trails are actually right at the doorstep, so despite a lot of concrete, there is plenty of room to breathe. For this […]

Wonderful Tobago – a Caribbean Island to fall in love with

Located just off the coast of Venezuela, South America, you will find the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. The last one is the smaller of the two main islands after Trinidad. Although the island is only about 300 km² in size, it offers a dense tropical rainforest and countless unspoilt beaches. A breath-taking underwater […]

Carnival at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 17th – 22nd February 2023

Who hasn´t heard of it – the famous carnival in Rio de Janeiro (carnaval do Rio or carnaval carioca), the city of Sugar loaf, Copacabana and Ipanema. Interestingly, this event takes place at the same time as the Carnival in Cologne. These celebrations, which are among the largest and most colorful festivals in the world, […]

Iceland- A volcanic island of fire and ice

Iceland is located in the far northwest of Europe, in the so-called Arctic Ocean. After the United Kingdom, this country full of contrasts is the second largest island state in Europe in terms of area. Its main island is even the largest volcanic island on earth. Typical for this is the thin earth crust with […]

The 7 most beautiful Christmas markets

The time before Christmas is approaching fast – in Germany this period is used to visit one of the many great Christmas markets, making it one of the most beautiful cultural events of the year. But Christmas markets are not only popular in Germany, there are also a few particularly worthwhile abroad, some with even […]