Aircraft Maintenance

Do you own an aircraft or are you about to purchase one? For this you wish a trouble free maintenance takeover, so that you can keep the pure joy of flying? We can take over the complete technical support and maintenance planning for you.

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Based on many years of experience, we know that it is not easy to find the perfect maintenance partner. We have an excellent team in our CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization), which can show and explain to you every aspect of the necessary national requirements in the field of aircraft maintenance.

The Heron Management System ensures compliance with operational and maintenance requirements such as EASA Part Ops, Part FCL, EASA Part M, ICAO and all other regulatory requirements established by national law (LBA) to ensure safe operations and airworthy aircraft.

The most important points at a glance:

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Advantages of our services

Everything from a single source

In addition, we are approved under the Cayman Island Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) guidelines for the preparation of CAMO.

The advantage you get by cooperating with us is the comprehensive and transparent 24/7 support, which is worked out according to your needs. Care of the maintenance monitoring program. 

We are currently servicing the following aircraft types:

  • Falcon 900 EX
  • Falcon 900 LX
  • Falcon 2000
  • Challenger 604/605
  • Cessna Citation XLS+
  • Cessna Citation 525
  • Cessna Citation 525A
  • Cessna Citation Mustang 510
  • Learjet 60
  • LearJet 35
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