Las Vegas, Nevada – The Sin City

Nevada’s most populated city, Las Vegas, is the entertainment capital of the world and is therefore incredibly popular with tourists as a holiday destination. This city with its vibrant nightlife is also known as ” the Sin City” due to its many luxurious casinos and generally lax laws. Despite the surrounding desert landscape, Las Vegas is a green oasis. There are numerous golf courses, parks and gardens that offer residents and visitors the opportunity to enjoy nature. With an average annual population increase of 2.2%, Las Vegas is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States

Dive into this captivating list and discover Las Vegas like never before.

No clocks

To help visitors forget the time and play longer,

there are no clocks in Las Vegas casinos.

The biggest gold nugget

The Golden Nugget Casino is home to the largest gold nugget in the world, the “Hand of Faith”, which weighs 27.2 kilograms.

The famous Fremont Street

This street is the second most famous street in Las Vegas and is home to the city’s first casino, the Golden Gate, which opened in 1906.

The largest display board in the world

The Fremont Street Experience has an LED display that is over 460 metres long and 27 metres high – the largest in the world. With its 49 million LEDs and 540 kilowatts of music output from 208 loudspeakers, Fremont Street is transformed into the world’s largest video show after dark. Following a renovation in 1995, 500 metres of Fremont Street in Las Vegas Downtown were partially converted into a covered, illuminated pedestrian zone. Since 2004, this lighting has been replaced by LEDs, 7 times brighter than before.

The Las Vegas Sign

The famous sign, designed by Betty Willis in 1959, is located at the southern end of the Las Vegas Strip. Incidentally, the back reads: “Drive Carefully Come Back Soon”. In 2008, a car park for 12 cars and two buses was created on the central reservation directly in front of the sign.


The Las Vegas Strip

This famous attractive “mile” is about 6.8 kilometres long and is home to many of the city’s most famous casinos and hotels. It offers the best shopping, dining and entertainment experiences.



The Bellagio Fountains

These fountains in front of the hotel are undoubtedly the most beautiful attraction in Las Vegas. If the weather is good, the 300 metre long “water organ” with 1,200 extremely powerful water jets and 5,000 spotlights dances to classical arias and modern music under computer control.


Las Vegas Highroller – Zipline

The Las Vegas High Roller, which only opened in 2014, is the tallest Ferris wheel in America at a height of 167.6 metres and was the largest Ferris wheel in the world until October 2021.It has 28 gondolas for 40 passengers each and takes around half an hour to complete one rotation. Another highlight was the installation of a zipline in 2018.

The Forum Shops

These “shops” form a luxurious shopping promenade in the Ceasars Palace Hotel with more than 160 shops, galleries, restaurants and upscale boutiques. A whole day is being simulated in the artificial sky within an hour, from dawn to dusk.

The Sphere in Las Vegas – the latest attraction

The Sphere is a spherical entertainment arena with a total of 18,600 seats. With a construction period of 5 years (2018-2023), this 112-metre-high project was built next to the Venetian Hotel. The entire exterior surface is covered with 1.2 million LED elements. Another 15,000 square metre LED all-round display is installed inside, and a camera trick makes it look as if you can see through the building to the other side. Around 164,000 loudspeakers provide the perfect sound.

Las Vegas is undoubtedly a fascinating and unique city that has so much more to offer than just casinos and parties. These 14 facts are just a small insight into the many aspects that make this dazzling desert city so interesting. Perhaps they will even inspire you to plan a trip there yourself. Dive into this captivating list and discover Las Vegas like never before.

It’s best to plan your trip to Las Vegas in spring or autumn to enjoy the pleasant weather, whether too hot nor too cold!


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