Maldives – vacation paradise on dream beaches


White sand, crystal clear blue water, palm trees providing shade, a light breeze – that’s about the definition of a genuine dream vacation. In the Maldives in the Indian Ocean, the dream becomes reality.

Almost 1200 islands together form the archipelago of the Maldives in the Indian Ocean. Of the islands consisting of coral sand, about 200 are inhabited and about 100 are used as hotel islands.

Moreover, with their paradisiacal character and incredible underwater world, they represent a super destination. On the coasts, beautiful lagoons with great fine sandy beaches invite you to swim and relax.

Gan is one of the largest islands in the Maldives and as such offers the perfect combination of secluded beaches and authentic city life. A visit to Gan is therefore perfect for experiencing the culture first hand. On top of that, it is also a fantastic choice for avid divers: in addition to magnificent coral reefs, the largest shipwreck in the Maldives, the British Royalty, can be found here. Gan is located in Addu Atoll, at the southernmost end of the Maldivian archipelago and is the most populous region of the Maldives after Male Island, the capital.

On Kanifushi Island one of the longest beaches in the Maldives can be admired. The island is located in the Lhaviyani Atoll and belongs to one of the few resort islands in this area. And also otherwise Kanifushi provides you with everything that is desired from the Maldives, an endless white sandy beach surrounded by tropical palm trees and bright blue sea.

The long island of Kuredu in the middle of the Lhaviyani Atoll is known in many respects:

On the one hand, it is the greenest island of the Maldives and inspires with a very diverse flora. On the other hand, sports enthusiasts can, in addition to water sports such as kite surfing or water skiing, also play badminton and even golf. Also here the colourful underwater world invites for diving or snorkelling. In the magnificent inner reef there are two well-preserved sunken wrecks that can be explored during a dive.

Relaxing on a hammock between coconut palms, sunbathing and forgetting about everyday life – this is what the wonderful island of Nika in Ari Atoll is suitable for. It is the largest atoll in the Caribbean, and is divided into the southern atoll known as Alif Alif and the northern Alif Dhaal atoll. Nika itself is a small island with tall palm trees that provide shade and spread dream vacation atmosphere. The white sand, the blue water and the magnificent sunsets make the trip an unforgettably beautiful experience.

One of the most fascinating natural phenomena in the world can be observed in the Maldives. The peculiarity of the island of Mudhdhoo in Baa Atoll only appears at sunset. As soon as it gets dark, small blue stars light up on the beaches, the bioluminescence of the phytoplankton. The “Sea of Stars” is an extraordinary sea glow. Here, with each new wave that the Indian Ocean gently washes up on the beach, the countless dinoflagellates in the dark water glow like millions of fireflies in a bright blue!

Wake up to the sound of the Indian Ocean and watch dolphins in the wild at sunrise. During the day, admire the colorful fish swimming by, manta rays, graceful turtles and even small sharks from the sun terrace hovering just a few inches above the crystal clear, turquoise lagoon. Engage in sporting activities, relax at the spa and indulge in a variety of soothing treatments or simply unwind with a dreamy view of the sparkling, crystal clear waters. Afterwards, you can end the perfect day with a barbecue dinner, with an enchanting setting with torches on the beach, and enjoy the sound of the ocean again as you fall into sleep restful and happy.

The Maldives islands can be described in just one sentence: Turquoise lagoons meet white, paradisiacal sandy beaches.

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