Travel to Sri Lanka – Pearl of the Indian Ocean

Currently, travel is very limited and the development is very dynamic and has to be reassessed daily. Nevertheless, there are countless beautiful places, regions and countries in the world just waiting to be accessible to travellers again. For example the enchanting tropical island in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka.

Travel to Sri Lanka – Pearl of the Indian Ocean

Combine a beach vacation on gorgeous white palm beaches with a visit to unique, millennium-old culture with its impressive statues and temples. The unique, dense jungle, the famous tea plantations, the deep green mountains and waterfalls make Sri Lanka to a true island paradise.

On your Sri Lanka round trip, you will discover the central mountain region with deep gorges, rugged mountainsides and cultural and historical sights. In the heart of the island you can admire ancient sites and Buddhist sanctuaries in the cultural triangle. On the west and south coast of Sri Lanka, the long palm tree beaches and hidden bays invite you to a relaxing beach vacation. The island metropolis Colombo is waiting for you, with colourful bazaars, Hindu temples and colonial splendorous buildings. Four different climate zones have an effect on the island kingdom, year after year, make the versatile vegetation possible and shape the landscape rich in contrast.

The pearl in the Indian Ocean delights its visitors with many highlights

The mighty lion rock “Sigiriya” is one of the landmarks and most popular sights of Sri Lanka. The 200m high rock is considered as a UNESCO world heritage site and offers insights into the history of the country. The fresco of the Cloud Girls, Prayer Caves and ruins of the former palace are waiting to be discovered. The palace on the summit is one of the most impressive testimonies of ancient architecture in the world. The entrance is protected by two enormous lion paws, which were part of a formerly larger statue. The ascent is rewarded with a breathtaking panoramic view.

The old royal city of Polonnaruwa, in the northern central province of Sri Lanka, was once the capital of the Singhalese kingdom. Today impressive ruins bear witness to its glorious past. Monumental stupas and impressive temples and palaces with innumerable Buddha statues, rest in the midst of artistically designed gardens and parks.

The different biodiversity makes the national parks of Sri Lanka something very special. The national parks captivate above all by the versatile landscape, over 6800 plant species have settled on the island in the Indian Ocean and make the island a true nature paradise. In the 14 designated national parks, wild elephants, leopards and sloth bears can be observed.

The diversity of Sri Lanka is unbeatable. After visiting the cultural sites and surrendering to the hustle and bustle of the cities and enjoying the beautiful landscape and nature, it is time to take a break and relax on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. White sandy beaches, warm turquoise water and palm trees everywhere you look.

Let your soul dangle and, enjoy the peace and quiet and recover from the strains of everyday life. Treat yourself to ayurvedic massages in front of a dreamlike scenery and regain your balance. The traditional art of healing is still used today in Sri Lanka, so that people can come into harmony with body, nature and spirit.

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