Wonderful Tobago – a Caribbean Island to fall in love with

Located just off the coast of Venezuela, South America, you will find the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. The last one is the smaller of the two main islands after Trinidad.
Although the island is only about 300 km² in size, it offers a dense tropical rainforest and countless unspoilt beaches. A breath-taking underwater world makes Tobago an absolute travel highlight. On Tobago, the clocks still tick differently. The easy-going lifestyle of the locals is inspiring and you just enjoy the day and let things happen to you.

A small selection of the 8 top attractions on Tobago.

  • Shallow, crystal-clear water rolls in gentle waves over the white sand. Numerous palm trees and colourful fishermen’s huts line the beach, a small dock with a thatched roof forms one of the most popular photo motifs on the island. Pigeon Point is the tourist flagship of Tobago. Located at the tip of a small overgrown headland near the town of Crown Point, this beach is unfortunately not free to use. But therefore, it is kept clean and there are showers and dressing rooms. Here you can do sports such as surfboarding, standup paddling, kite surfing or jet skiing. But you can also dive underwater; you may come across stingrays, turtles and hundreds of different types of corals. However, there are also numerous hidden coves that invite you to just laze and relax.                                                                                                                                                          
  • Nylon Pool is a shallow white coral pool located in the sea, located off Pigeon Point and accessible by boat. As it resembles a swimming pool, it was already named in 1962 by Princess Margaret who died in 2002 (sister of the recently deceased Queen Elizabeth). It is located near Buccoo Reef, a nature reserve blessed with coral reefs.                                      
  • Castara Bay – the most beautiful fishing village with beach on Tobago

The fishing village of Castara is beautifully situated in a bay. There is good accommodation and gastronomy. Fresh catches are available daily from local fishermen in small boats. However, if no fishermen go out on Easter Monday, there is of course no fish in the restaurant in the evening. The beach is very beautiful, the snorkelling area is excellent. The stingrays in the bay are a sensation. Away from mass tourism, it is very Caribbean, friendly and just relaxed.

  • Englishman’s Bay is located directly at the edge of the rainforest and offers an absolute Caribbean feeling with its palm-lined bay and crystal-clear water – without seeming overcrowded. But don’t forget your diving goggles, because there are great coral reefs to explore in most of the bays. Diving schools can be found in northern Speyside or in the southwest of the island. This is the best way to get the most out of the calm Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, which is rich in fish.                                 
  • Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve – Nature Reserve

Being so close to the unspoilt nature is only possible here in this oldest rainforest nature reserve in the western world. This reserve has been under protection since way back in 1776, which is why you will find an incredible variety of plants and animals here.

  • Argyle Falls – impressive waterfall

Between extensive sunbathing in the Caribbean sun, you long for something to cool you down. The Argyle Falls in Roxborough are therefore the best destination. In the middle of the rainforest, you will find this mighty waterfall, which can be reached by foot in about 20 minutes. On a total of three levels of this cascade with the associated natural pools, you can then enjoy the cool water in peace and relaxation.

  • Fort King George – Fortress from 1779

Named after the king of the time, George III, this fortress is located above the island’s capital, Scarborough. The very well-preserved fortress dates way back to 1779 and was used for a long time to defend the island. This is still visible today, due to the large number of old cannons which stand around everywhere.

  • Little Tobago – Bird of Paradise Island

This small island off the north-east coast of Tobago is also part of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. It is characterised by a few pleasant footpaths, tropical plants and unusual birds. A good place to forget the world around you for a short time. By means of a glass-bottom boat, you can sail out to this small sister island and admire the beautiful coral gardens below the boat without getting your feet wet.

Wonderful beaches, exotic animals, exciting excursions and vibrant street parties – the next dream holiday is definitely going to Tobago. Now, between January and May is the best time to travel, as these are the dry months with tolerable humidity and a pleasant temperature.

So why wait? Who wouldn’t want to bury their feet in the warm sand while rhythmic sounds accompany you through the clear starry night. Just like living in a dream!

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