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Experiences at the Lofoten and paradisiacal Geirangerfjord await you in Norway. The Lofoten in the European North Sea impress with their high mountains and endless beaches. The many fishing villages invite you to relax and let the friendly and easy-going nature of the locals have an effect on you. The Lofoten Islands offer the best conditions for surfing.

In Norway there are about 1000 beautiful bays filled with salt water, formed during the last ice age and connected with the sea. A boat trip through the fjords gives the opportunity to explore this fascinating landscape. With high cliffs rising into the sky on both sides of the shore, it gives the appearance of a picturesque world of its own.

Norway is known for its impressive Aurora Borealis. From the end of September until the end of March it is mostly dark in Norway, this is the best opportunity to see the northern lights.

For city lovers, a visit to the capital Oslo is a historical and cultural experience. If you want to explore the history of the Vikings, this is definitely the place to see.

Norway has a length of about 1.700 kilometers and a coastline of about 3.000 kilometers. With a well-planned round trip, the longing for adventure, relaxation and unforgettable experiences will be fully satisfied.


Norway’s neighbour Sweden can easily keep up with the multitude of highlights.

In the typical vacation region of Lapland there is around the clock something to do. Skiing, hiking, canoeing are just some of the possible activities that Sweden can offer. At night, the Northern Lights can also be seen here. In Abisko National Park there is the Aurora Sky Station, which was built for vacationers to have a look at the Northern Lights.

You could visit the capital Stockholm. It is the home of the royal family. There are castles and museums that can be explored. Especially famous are the castles Gripsholm and Drottningholm. The old town offers a unique view with its yellow and red houses, narrow streets and charming cafes.

White sandy beaches can be found around Malmö in Skåne. Here you can relax on the beach or enjoy the Swedish tradition of cold bathing followed by a sauna in one of the cold bath houses.

Sweden has a coastline to the sea with a length of about 3.200 km. The country includes 221.831 mostly uninhabited islands.


Finland should not go unnoticed, because this country also has a lot to offer. The city of Helsinki is a lively metropole, but also has a very stunning flora and fauna. The capital of Finland inspires with modern buildings like the concert hall “Musiikkitalo” and historical buildings like the landmark, the “Helsinki Cathedral”. This large city includes 300 islands, a coastline and parks such as the Esplanadi, which represent the beautiful nature of Finland.

Finland has the largest lake plates in Europe. This natural beauty is located in the southeast of the country, some of the more than 188.000 lakes and about 180.000 islands even reach into Russia. The coastline length in Finland is about 1.250 km.

There are over 40 national parks scattered throughout the country. With numerous bike routes or canoe trips, you have the opportunity to explore the land of 1000 lakes.

In summary, Scandinavia with its many faces is the ideal destination for a round trip. It offers endless possibilities of an active vacation in the great nature and equally the chance for cultural and historical city trips.


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