Tuscany – definitely worth a visit


Isn’t it time to escape the grey everyday life and treat yourself for a few days of downtime in one of the most beautiful regions of Europe – then we have just the right thing for you. Tuscany (former known as Etruria) is not only associated with the world-famous cities of Florence, Pisa and Siena, it offers much more. A small summary of the sights you could find here:

Empoli, Empolese Val d’Elsa: a lively town, located in the heart of Tuscany, embedded between the rivers Arno and Elsa, a few kilometres from Florence.  The pretty pedestrian zone, invites you to stroll and satisfies all your wishes. The famous green (Empoli verde) glass has been produced here since centuries. It is also home of the oldest Italian church museum.

Via Francigena pilgrimage route: Has been one of the 3 Christian pilgrimage routes from Canterbury to Rome since the Middle Ages. Nature lovers can also explore this pilgrimage route by bicycle.

San Vivaldo: the holy mountain of Tuscany: Also located on the pilgrimage route, the holy mountain of San Vivaldo, is a copy of the holy mountain of Jerusalem. Built in the Middle Ages as an alternative to the journey to Israel with a lot of chapels. In these well-preserved various small places of worship, the life and Passion of Jesus Christ are depicted in a technique peculiar to Italian ceramics of that time.

Limite sul Arno: This town is famous for being a trading centre for merchandise in the Middle Ages. The development of this important port, which goes back to the Etruscans, was due to the skilled boatmen. In the specially built Canottieri Museum, these various ship models and the trophies of the oldest Italian rowing club can be admired.

Universal Genius Da Vinci: Along the road from Empoli to Fucecchio lies the birthplace of the multi-talented Leonardo Da Vinci. Here in Vinci you can also find the Leonardiano Museum, where you can admire the ingenious pieces of art of the artist and inventor.

Padule di Fucecchio: Italy’s largest inland marsh. The historic town of Fucecchio hosts the famous annual horse race (Palio).

Cerreto Guidi: The town is famous for the hunting lodge of Cosimo de Medici. Since 2002, this has contained a hunting museum and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bennozo Gozzoli Museum: This museum in Castelfiorentino was built especially for the artist’s impressive frescoes.

Town of Certaldo – home town of Giovanni Boccaccio: Situated on a gentle hill, the historic centre of Certaldo Alto is connected to the lower Certaldo Basso by a rack railway. The traces of Giovanno Boccaccio, being a poet, humanist and scholar, the creator of the basis of the novella, can be found everywhere in town.

In the end, history, culture, art and nature combine in a holiday full of unforgettable experiences.


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